How to get cheap clicks

Google Adwords can be a powerful tool in getting clicks to your website. If you are in fact a business owner or run your little art gallery, music studio or whatever the nature of your business might be, you know too well that after the launch of your website, the buzz and traffic on your website declines after your initial word-of-mouth in the pub, to your friends and ex-colleagues. Now the question is of course how to maintain a constant flow of traffic to your website.Cheap clicks advertising

Organic search rankings

The organic way is certainly the long-term goal, or at least it should be, whilst we are not focussing on best practises for search engine optimisation, it is advisable to brush up on the good old SEO skills. Don’t expect to become a specialist as keeping up with the latest trends is almost impossible and companies pay good money for a natural search practitioner. At this point, it might be a good idea to get in a consultant or even a small agency to look into the structure of your website.

cheap clicks throuh PPC

In this blog however, we focus on paid search or in other words, how to get cheap clicks to your website. By cheap pay per clicks we mean, clicks with a low cost-per-click (CPC). Now again, being a multilingual PPC agency, we manage and have seen accounts in all different sizes and shapes. If you’re a medium or large enterprise and can afford to actually employ a Pay-per-Click Executive, well done! But this blog might not be of interest to you as we’re not focusing on getting all the effort to get a click a penny cheaper. Whilst this is certainly the way to go and again in the longer term does result in cheaper clicks, a freelancer, small or medium business without the resources to employ a PPC specialists has most certainly other worries and should focus on the core business, whether this is getting more sales, leads, sign-ups, etc. No, we’re talking about how to get the most relevant traffic on your site which in a way is the ultimate way to get cheap clicks. What’s the point spending hours and hours of your valuable time in chaffing off cents by cents and get a CPC down, we would argue without the right targeting or the keywords, you might not even wanted this click and would have just saved yourself a pound. For a small business, it is surely more efficient to get the “right” clicks rather than cheap clicks.

What is the definition of “the right clicks”?

Well, there are some really basic points. When we do our audits, we came across some horrific PPC geeks who bragged on how they brought down the costs. The first action we do when we evaluate an account’s performance is the targeting. Check your settings in Google Adwords! It rarely makes sense if you have your local shop in fore example Finsbury Park, North London and your goal is to get more leads within your postcode, but then targeting entire Great London which has a reach of 36mio people. That’s a lot and that’s exactly where you spend the money the wrong way. Get rid off your irrelevant targeting and make your account more cost efficient. Suddenly your cost-per-acquisition in Google Adwords will drop drastically. The saved money can be invested in raising the bids on your immediate targeting  locations and keywords which really matter to you, whatever goal you may have in mind. Raise your CPCs on converting “action” keywords such as buy, order, book and group these keywords into tight and relevant adgroup. The result is straight forward, despite raising the bids, you actually lowered your costs and overall got cheaper clicks onto your website. The money saved can be put into further expansion of your account, display advertising or brand awareness or depending on your goal. PPC illusionists Don’t be blinded by a PPC agency who promises you the cheapest clicks, ok, it may be our name, but we have a different approach to it. Whilst we also aim to get your clicks cheaper, we question every single paid visit to your website.