Top 3 tips how to increase your click-through-rate CTR

Creating the best ad copy is a never ending mission and even we won’t be able to have the secret recipe. However, below you can get the best practise and a few clever tips how to increase your click-through-rate (CTR).


1. Get more real estate for your ad

Adding a full stop after your first description line will result in taking it onto the same height like the headline. Normally, your ad would look like the one below.


Adding the full stop after the first description line will take your description line onto the same height like your headline – displayed in high visible blue colour. See the example below. This unfortuantely only works when you have top three position, above the organice search results.



Other common best practises for more real estate are of course all various sitelinks. If your business has a physical location, location extension can show your address. Google Plus has increasingly become important for SEO rankings and Adwords displays your followers and +1 automatically once you verified your business page with G+. Once you have over 100 followers, Google will potentially display this in your ad. Furthermore, seller ratings, call extensions and ad extensions can additionally increase your CTRs which we will cover in a different post about sitelinks only.

 2. Using keywords in your headline

By using the keyword or the most relevant search term in the headline, if your keywords are triggered, the search terms typed into Google by a user will appear bold. This works throughout the ad, not only the headline, but using it there, will drastically improve your CTR.

 3. Ad rotation

Make sure you always have two ads running at the same time having the campaign settings changed to “Rotate evenly: Show ads more evenly at least 90 days, then optimise”. This will give you an even distribution of your ads and the lower-performing ad will become visible and can be paused and replaced with an optimised one.

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