Small Business Saturday

Saturday the 7th December is an important day for all small businesses in the UK. It is the official Small Business Day which actually originates from America. The purpose of this day is to put a spotlight on all freelancers, small and medium enterprises in the UK. It is a chance for lots of businesses to promote themselves through numerous events and various activities which are held across the country.


The Small Business Saturday is a so-called grassroots campaign. This means that businesses individually organise special deals for customers, showcase their products or couple together with other small businesses. It is a great chance to create awareness of small business this country depends on.

Special offer for Small Business Saturday

Like many others, cheapclicks is doing its bits to support the local businesses and introduces its services to young entrepreneurs. Our service is focused on paid search marketing. Wouldn’t it be great to see your products on the Google top positions? It is a great opportunity to market products and services through an additional marketing channel. However, expertise and time is required to gain the most out of Google Adwords. PPC is not rocket-science, managing it and get the most out of your hard-earned cash is however not a walk through the park.

That’s why cheapclicks offers a special deal for all small and medium businesses, freelancers or young entrepreneurs who get involved with the Small Business Saturday on the 7th December. Contact us now using the promo code “Small Business” and get a free consultation for your small business. And it doesn’t stop there, we offer our services half price for the first six months. You’re in capable hands and you’ll get on of our designated account managers who is fully Google certified. Google currently offers a voucher scheme for new businesses signing up to Google Adwords. If you spend £25 in the first 30 days, Google gives you additional £75 for free.

It doesn’t get much better than that. Contact us before the 31st December 2013 using the promo code “Small Business” and make the most out of Small Business Saturday.

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