PPC in 5 minutes per day

DIY marketing is a relatively new term in the digital industry and is referring to mainly small and medium businesses who turn their back to expensive digital agencies and have a go at their own digital campaigns. Especially small and medium businesses simply do not have the financial budget to advertise with offline billboards or newspapers. However, as themarketer.co.uk stated in their January/February issue, it has never been easier for businesses to do marketing on their own, or as a new terminology arises – DIY marketing. However, yet again, this is easier said than done. With growing competition and pressure, lack of time is as always one of the main reasons for neglecting marketing activities like social media or paid search campaings. As a multilingual PPC agency, we know best how valuable time is but understand that every single penny counts when running your own paid search campaigns. For this reason, we will outline the top tips how to run successful PPC campaigns in 5 minutes per day without loosing sight and keep your spend under control. If you wish to have more insight on these tips, you can get one of our top PPC tutors in who will teach you the best practices and latest industry tricks.


1. Filter the most expensive keywords

In the keywords tab, select the data range to 7 or 14 days and filter the keywords according to costs. Scroll down and review the top 20 keywords. Are there any keywords of which you know they are low-performers? If yes, reduce bids, pause or even delete them.

2. Add negative keywords

Review the search queries received in the last seven days and exclude keywords which are not related to your business as negative keywords. This results in surpressing your ads should one of your negative keywords be included in a search query.

3. Impressoion spikes

When selecting the data range in Google Adwords, a compare button can be switched on whereby you’ll be able to compare your data with a previous period. Again, select this for the last 7 days and filter by changes in impressions. If you realise a drastic increase in impressions in a certain adgroup, do a deep dive into the search queries to avoid the Myley Cyrus impact on your account.

4. Expensive keywords with low conversions

In the keywords tab, filter the keywords according to costs. Additionally, select a filter for a suitable conversion count and review the filtered keywords. If conversions are not sufficient, lower bids, pause or delte keywords. This can also be done in the ads tab where you might want to review the ad copy, making the ad more relevant.

5. Note down the changes

It is highly valuable that you write down your thoughts and changes into a logbook. By the end of the month, it will be important for you to know, why certain adgroups performaned in a certain way. Furthermore, going forward in the long-term, you can spot seasonal changes and therefore make bid adjustments or depending on your industry, pause adgroups which do not perform in certain months.


This 5 minutes PPC checklist is an inexhausted list and you might find that you have other priorities to do your daily PPC activities. These tips heavily depend on industry and seasonality but also on the correct structure of your account. It depends whether you sell something physical or a service, whether you have a brick and mortar office or just act digitally. If you have additional inputs, please share them with us and help other small businesses to grow.