Marketing Tutoring Services

As a new addition to the cheapclicks portfolio, we are diversifying our services into a tutoring business. As marketing consultants with significant years of experience, coupled with academic qualifications, we can offer students and aspiring marketers digital marketing tutoring.

marketing tutor

One-to-One marketing tutoring

We have tutored marketing undergraduates or professional adult students who felt that schools were not giving them the practical theory how to tackle an assignment. This is especially difficult if the person has not enrolled in a course for a few years. As a result, we have focused on getting students through their assignments by giving them practical examples aligned to their marking sheets.

Tutoring Companies

There are a wide range of tutor businesses out there whereby students can find and contact marketing tutors. We feel that the relationship between the learner and the marketing tutor works best when there is a basic understanding of the tutor what the learner requires to submit.

For more information on tutoring services, get in touch. We either teach online or tutor one-to-one.