How Google Adwords can help my small business first, it might be daunting being an owner of a small business to set up a Google Adwords account or start a relationship with a digital marketing agency. After all, it is your hard earned cash which you invest into paid advertising like PPC and hope to get something in return, such as more traffic to your website, more sales, more leads or just in general, more brand exposure. Whether you decide to work with an PPC agency who will set up your Google Adwords account or you already have the basic skills to set up your campaigns yourself, there are a number of guidelines you can follow to make sure to get the best out of Google Adwords which can really help your small business and bring it potentially to the next level.

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Whilst we do not want to go into too specific detail, we would like to explain some basics how pay-per-click can help your small business and where you have to be careful not to waste your money. Too often, a digital agency will approach you and try to convince that your campaigns could be run more efficiently – and quite often they have a point. However, with the following guidelines, you can make sure to minimise spend whilst get the most out of your paid clicks.

Reach and targeting

Imagine you own a take-away restaurant, it makes sense to limit the reach of your PPC ads to a radius of your delivery zone. If your small business is based in Crouch End and you deliver pizzas to households within a 1 mile radius from your location, you want to make sure that your ad does not show up to people searching for a take away who live further away. Google Adwords has various possibilities to target. The most common one for small businesses will be a specific area in e.g. London like North-London or post code areas, a x-mile radius from your location or if you deliver nationwide, you can target the entire country. Besides geographic targeting, Adwords also offers language targeting. This might be helpful if you own an Italian deli and sell traditional Italian specialities, you might want to target Italian speaking customers in North-London. By limiting your reach and a relevant targeting, your business can ensure that only people within your reach are targeted. If your business sells coffee, it might sense to stop your advertising and schedule your ads depending on the time of the day.

Negative keywords

Google Adwords works with keywords. If you own a hair salon in Finsbury Park, the keyword “haircut in Finsbury Park” might be a relevant keyword to add into your adgroup. A common mistake is that the negative keywords get forgotten. They can be a bit of a life-safer when it comes to spending money on irrelevant keywords. Taking our example of the hair salon in Finsbury Park. If this hair Salon is for Gentlemen only, it would make sense to add “woman” or “female” or any other related terms as negative keywords. By doing this, if the search query states “woman’s hairdresser in Finsbury Park”, the ad would be surpressed as “woman” would stop the ad from showing. In many accounts, the negative keyword lists are very long. Use keyword suggestion tools such as Google or Ubersuggest. It makes sense to add generic terms which are not related to the business. Generic negative lists are available on the Internet and are beneficial to avoid the Miley Cyrus effect, however it might sense to develop your very own negative keyword list specified to your business. Reviewing your negative keywords on a regular basis will help you to cut down costs. If you work with an agency together, insist on seeing the search query reports and review the keywords which potentially should be excluded.

Relevant ad copy

Writing ads seems at first an easy task. It can be a challenge though as the character limit is very short. The headline is limited to 25 characters and the two description lines are 35 characters only. Once you start to write ad copy, you will soon realise that it is not as easy as you might had thought and you require a innovative brain to differentiate yourself from your competitors. In order to highlight what your business offers and to stand out, the keyword of the search query should ideally be within the headline of the ad. If Google sees that the keyword in the search qurey matches with a keyword within your ad, the keyword will be displayed bold which captures the reader’s attention. That’s exactly where camaigns benefit from multiple adgroups with tightly grouped sets of keywords. So, ultimately, all adgroups are very specific to the search query and the ads are very specific with the keywords search for showing up.

User experience and Quality score

Quality score is given to each keyword in your account. The Quality score is a combination of various algorithms, not all known by the specialists. The range is from 1-10 where a 6 is a good score. In order to improve your quality score, you have to make sure to improve the user experience. Google rewards an account when the user can find easily find what he/she is looking for. If the search query typed into Google matches the keyword and the ad, additionally, the landing page matches exactly what the user was searching and the website has an overall clear navigation, Google perceives this as a good user experience. Ultimately, this raises quality scores and can make your overall cost per clicks (CPC) cheaper and potentailly improve your ad positons whilst paying the same price per click. There are numerous algorithms how Google calculates quality scores, onsite optimisation and improving click-through-rates will support the overall score.


There are many factors one has to take into account in order to run a successful Adwords account. How Google Adwords can help my small business depends on you. Whilst Google Adwords is not rocket science, it is mainly time-consuming. If you happen to be in charge of your small business or are responsible for any marketing activities, you will be well aware that time is exactly tight in small businesses. When you start a Google Adwords account, it is of utmost importance to monitor it on a daily basis. Limit your costs by having campaign budgets if sudden increase in traffic occurs or put your remarketing of your site  in place. We will be happy to discuss any opportunity to set up Google Adwords on behalf of you. It is really not as expensive as you might think. There is no limit you spend on Google Adwords and the more precise, relevant and specific you are, the more qualitiatve traffic you get onto your website. It might just be little return to begin with but can make a real difference if it is made correctly. Contact us today for a free Quote whether you have Adwords already set up or you just would like to have a Chat with one of our experts.