Account based marketing strategy

What is ABM? The acronym ABM stands for account-based marketing. Asking B2B organisations about the definition of ABM, one would hear probably a few different answers. However, defining an account-based marketing approach should ultimately put the customer at the heart of all activities – whether this is an existing customer or a named target account that was identified through an account selection process.

defintion ABM account based marketing

A new B2B selling process

How to successfuly sell in a B2B context has radically changed. Traditional lead generation marketing has seen its engagement declining (you can ask our colleagues over at paid social).  Hence a new framework is required. And whilst account based marketing strategies won’t be the answer to all of your prospecting problems, it is a significant shift in how you sell.

Account targeting strategy

When looking at the ABM approach or strategy, they pretty much come in three different ways.

Whilst they all have one thing in common, identifying the accounts or the ICP (short for ideal customer profile), the approach in which an account based manager attempts to nurture a relationship is different.

Many ABM solutions and software providers like Terminus, Demandbase or Triblio define these strategies differently, but ultimately, there is a programmatic (one to many) approach, and a one to few or even one-to-one. The latter two are predominantly person based marketing, whilst the first one, programmatic ABM is done through implementing sophisticated IP based marketing technology (we’re looking at reverse proxy servers, measuring intent, etc).

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