Digital Marketing is not a skill, it is a journey

You can't learn digital marketing, it's constantly moving and evolving. Learning is key to stay up-to-date within today's fast-paced digital environment. Your development is at the core of our business. Whether you are a student or a small or medium business. We don't want to do the work for you, we want do work with you! Our goal is to be part of your journey and be part of the success.

Digital Marketing Lecturing

Teaching is at thr core of our business. We have experienced marketing teachers, lecturing Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) courses and the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI).

Digital Marketing Tutoring

Group or 1-to-1 tutoring can be arranged in a Central London location or through Skype. We provide insight into professional marketing diplomas or undergraduate marketing degress.

SEO on-page

Own your own website? We help you to get your site technically up to scratch. We deliver SEO audits, technical recommendations and keyword research. contact form for a free consultation.

PPC management

Our Pay-per-Click services give you the opportunity to have your PPC account managed by one of our Google certified account managers. You have the option in either working closely with the account manager and keep full control over your account or pass the the work over to our qualified account managers who will provide you with reports and updates on statistics. Whatever option you choose, our account managers will recommend the right structure for your business for maximising ROI. Whilst we run and manage your account, you maintain full access and control including Google Analytics. Your account manager will work and optimise your account and report back to you with a full summary and discuss changes in the market and scope for new opportunities.

cheapclicks can help you setting up a PPC account from scratch or take over any previously managed accounts. Our dedicated account manager will help you to further enhance the campaigns and maximise your return on investment whilst reducing your cost per click.


PPC academy

If you are interested in learning PPC or even handling the account yourself, cheapclicks offers training and mentoring. Whether you start an account from scratch or wish to have your campaigns audited by one of our Google certified account managers, we have the right package for you and tailor it according to your needs. Furthermore, we publish relevant PPC resources for entrepreneurs written in an easy-understandable tone by avoiding the industry jargon,

You want to get into PPC? We have a training schedule set up which runs you through the different stages of PPC. We cover from Google search fundamentals up to advanced search and display advertising. We can also help you passing all Google exams. Contact us for more details.

We want to work with you!

We work with you, not for you. When you decide to get us on board, we are giving your existing PPC account an entire overhaul, review all historical data and look at performance metrics and costs. Moving on from there, our account manager will recommend the necessary changes to your account in order for you to increase ROI. The change of structure entails putting your campaigns into tightly-themed adgroups which reflect the nature of your business.

Click through rates

Flexibility is key and it is you with whom we will discuss target audience, bidding strategies. Our account manager will help you to set up Google Conversion Tracking together with Google Analytics. This allows you to monitor your campaigns and you have complete control over our spend. All you have to do, is get in touch and fill in the contact form. We will get back to you straight away.

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